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~**~ ARC Review: Defending Chloe (Mountain Mercenaries #2) by Susan Stoker ~**~

***4.5 Stars***
Can I have Ronan?

Or at least someone kindasortaexactly like him? (No accent isn’t a deal breaker, but will garner more points if there is one)

The swoons and head shakes were real with with this one, but that didn’t surprise me at all. These books, all of the authors books ~ not just this series ~ are filled with characters that I find it so easy fall in love with, even if they drive a little batshit crazy at times, but they always suck me in to the story and never want to say goodbye.

Ok. I ADORED Ronan (if that wasn’t already obvious). The man is all kinds of alpha AF and has honor branded on his soul. But what endeared him to me was how he could reign himself in, take stock of the situation as a whole and do what was best instead of what he thought was best. Chloe. This woman is a fighter. She’s had her world turned upside down and has been put through hell and yet she’s come out of it with her spirit in tact. It’s a little bruised and battered, but she still come…

~**~ ARC Review: Fourplay (Ever After Duet #1) by Jayne Rylon ~**~

***3.5 Stars***
I do love me some poly-romance love and Jayne Rylon definitely gives some of the best out there, but as much as I enjoyed this one, I felt like I needed just a little bit more out of Kari, Ford, Josh and Brady. This isn’t to say that the chemistry isn’t there, because it is. There is a spark between all of them and I like it, and I like them, I really do...i...just...well...needed more.

I sound like a damn broken record, but it is what it is and as this is the first in a duet I am keeping my toes crossed that I will get what I am looking for in the next book. With that said, I do have to say that I like how the has had their relationship play out thus far. There are a lot of issues that they all have to work through and come to terms with before anything truly solid happens between them.

And as for that ending/ was a surprise, but not least not entirely. I knew something like that was bound to happen, but where it went had me like “ooohhhh” so I’m d…

~**~ ARC Review: Rend (Riven #2) by Roan Parrish ~**~

*** 3 Stars***
I’m thinking that this book gave me a case of the “it’s not you, it’s me” syndrome because while I really liked the premise, I just couldn’t become fully invested in the story and found that it dragged for me. I loved Rhys, which didn’t surprise me since I loved him in Riven (Book #1), but’s not that I didn’t like him, it’s more that while I could empathize with the man, I just couldn’t connect with him and his insecurities/anxieties ~ especially considering the kind of man Rhys was and how long they’d been together. I did like that all that he was going through was addressed and that they both got on board with working through it all, but it couldn’t hold my interest.

I wish I had liked this book more than I did and that I had connected deeper than I did with Rhys and Matt, but it just wasn’t in the cards. But I will say that I loved catching up with Caleb and Theo and seeing where they were at in their relationship.

~ Copy provided by the publisher via NetGal…

~**~ Release Week Blitz for Playing By Heart by JB Salsbury w/ Review ~**~

***4.5 Stars***
Rockstar romance coupled with an enemies to lovers trope?

Yeah. Not going to deny that I jumped at the chance to get my greedy hands on this baby and to say I got totally sucked into Beth and Jessie’s  tumultuous story is an understatement BUT what was also all kinds of real was how much my eyes (from all the rolling they did) and head ached because of these two.

They tested me. They did. But in the end, the pain was so worth it.

So, Jessie and Bethany...I ended up adoring them…but it took a minute to get there because they both needed to grow and boy, was it a trial. I actually wanted to gut Jessie with a spoon when I first met, literally when I FIRST met him. And Beth...I honestly liked her, because she is a seriously good and sweet person. but the need to reach into my Kindle and Gibbs smack some sense into her was STRONG. But once they collided, well that’s when things got really interesting all around.

Now, I could spoil things for you, but I won’t...…

~**~ ARC Review: All I Want For Christmas...Is My Sister's Boyfriend by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine ~**~

***5 ‘Mistletoe’ Stars***
Such a fun, quick read.

Not that I expected any less from this particular writing duo, but it needed to be stated and along with the fun was a good dose is smexy and heart tossed in along with a bit of drama that kept things quite interesting and had me wanting more even after there were no more words to read.

I adored Miles and Aiden. They were simply sweet and oh so swoon worthy it was ridiculous. But both men are good men with good hearts and two humans I’d love to be friends with in RL. And as for their journey...there is definitely a few glitches tossed in to it, but the chemistry between them is so intense that I knew they belonged together and loved how it all worked out in the end.

If you’re looking for a quick Christmas romance then this one is a definite must read and will have you believing in fate and Santa Claus by the time you’ve read the last words.

~ Copy provided by the authors & voluntarily reviewed ~

Some people want their two front tee…

~**~ Cover Reveal for The Secret to Dating My Best Friend's Sister by Meghan Quinn ~**~

How do you date your best friend's sister? Easy. 
 Step one: Pretend you want her to set you up with someone else. That will bring the two of you closer. 
 Step two: Go on date with lots of random women, proceed to get stupid drunk and talk about your best friend's sister, thus gaining the courage to finally make a move. 
 Step three: Randomly show up at her apartment and confess your love. Women love that, right? It all seemed so simple. A fool-proof three step process that will guarantee the love of you life to fall madly in love with you. 
At least--that's what I thought was going to happen. But my attempts to win over Julia Westin backfired in more ways than I can count. The thing about Julia? She's smart--really smart--and her wicked gaze cuts through all the charm I've tried slinging her way. She's not interested in games, my gifts, or my stories. She might want me too; but she's not giving in that easy... 

~**~ Blog Tour for Good Gone Bad (The Fallen Men #3) by Giana Darling w/ Review ~**~

Title: Good Gone Bad Series: The Fallen Men Series #3 Author: Giana Darling Genre: Erotic Romance Release Date: November 23, 2018 They say one action doesn’t define you. I killed a man. Stabbed him in the neck and licked the blood off my lips after I did it.  Still, one action doesn’t define you.  I could have called anyone. My father, the Prez of The Fallen MC, our family lawyer, my best friend, Lila, or my brother, King.  I didn’t.  Instead, I called Lionel Danner, the police officer renowned for taking down the Nightstalkers MC. The man who had been my father’s arch nemesis for decades. The man who hated everything I stood for. A man who had disappeared from my life without explanation three years ago.  I called him.  And maybe one action doesn’t define you, but killing a bad man and calling in the good changed my life and it sure as hell changed his.  The third book in the Fallen Men Series. A standalone featuring Harleigh Rose and Officer Lionel Danner.
Author Lee Piper - “So yeah, Good Gone …