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~**~ Review of Text 2 Lovers by K. Webster & J.D. Hollyfield w/ Giveaway ~**~

***4 ‘Tequila makes her...’ Stars***

I do love me a good wrong number romance, so choosing to pick up Text 2 Lovers didn’t take much convincing. But it was the tequila soaked opening chapter that hooked me and found the book to be a fun, sweet, smexy, laugh outloud while at times a tad bit over the top Rom Com with a cast of characters that are hard to forget.

Dani is a doormat, though she doesn’t necessarily see herself in that light. She believes in being nice to everyone and that leads her to have a difficult time saying no and being taken advantage of, even by her own friend. Dani had me wanting hug her all the while shaking some sense into her. I loved that she really was a genuinely sweet person who saw the good in people, but the girl really needed to grow a backbone. Her rambling when excited or nervous was cute and I enjoyed watching as she figured out how to be nice without being taken advantage of.

Ram has hit rock bottom. Fired unceremoniously and humiliatingly from his job, …

~**~ ARC Review: Playing the Player (Sydney Smoke Rugby #3) by Amy Andrews ~**~

***3.5 Stars***
I do love me some rugby romance and I love watching as a confirmed manwhore is brought to his knees so it’s no surprise that after meeting Lincoln in Playing It Cool I couldn’t wait to see him brought to his knees, and was he ever brought to his knees. And though I enjoyed the journey for the most part, there were a couple of things that had me going ‘Hhhmmmm’
I loved Lincoln. Yes, he is a manwhore and proud of it and could come off as a cocky S.O.B., though he had every right to be, his heart was golden. He may not believe in love, and his reasons are valid even if at times self serving, but he’s not a bad guy at all. His actions throughout the book proved what a good guy he really was.
Em I really liked. Her reason for going all ‘man-vegan’ was something I admired. She realized that she needed to change things up and did. I loved her sassy nature and how comfortable she was in her own skin. She may have waffled over a few things, but for the most part stuck to her guns.

~**~ ARC Review: Crown of Lies (Crown of Lies Duet #1) by Pepper Winters ~**~

***5 ‘All the things left unsaid’ Stars***

This book...I... just don’t know where to even start. I can’t say too much because of needing to keep things non-spoilery, but the NEED to vent is so strong that the words that want to come out are so jumbled up in my head that I’m not sure that they won’t come out as verbal vomit, but I think if I continue to try and get them to behave I’ll just make it worse, so here it goes nothing…

This book frustrated the hell out of me. I spent a good portion of the time growling at the characters and their actions and yet I couldn’t put it down. I was utterly fascinated by their actions, reactions and inactions. I was seriously the proverbial kid in the candy store (though my adult self would say bookstore nowadays). But as tends to happen, I became INVESTED in them. I needed to know what they would do next and just how they’d complicated things further, and lemme tell you they ever! And then THAT ending came and even though I knew this was a duet and th…

~**~ ARC Review: Thanos (Masters Among Monsters #3) by Ella Frank ~**~

***5 ‘So. Damn. Good’ Stars***

Actually this book, and series as a whole, deserves more than 5 stars. It was dark, decadent, sensuous, sinful and brutal and yet held such beauty despite, or because of, theses excesses that it sunk it’s greedy claws into me and I couldn’t put it down. I was absolutely hooked and needed to find out how all the pieces would fall into place but more importantly I simply needed to spend as much time as I could with this cast of characters. They got under my skin and I dare say into my heart with each turn of the page as I started to question who the real Masters and Monsters were.

Things start off right where Isadora ended and Thanos is on the chopping block, in more ways than one. Blessed with panty melting good looks, he’s as arrogant as they come and yet after a series of events feels more the monster than ever before. I loved Thano’s cocky nature and then finding out about his life before being turned and what it truly meant for him to be Eton’s first si…