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~**~ Release Blitz for Love You Like That (Excess All Areas #4) by Scarlett Cole w/ Review ~**~

  Release Date: May 17 Zoe Atkins wanted exactly one thing. To be the world’s greatest percussionist. Instead, she’s on a tour bus engaged in a stupid bet with rock star, Alex King, trying to fill the hole left behind when her dream gave up on her. The prickly former percussionist wasn’t supposed to steal his heart. With her distrust of lipstick and love of men’s pyjamas, she was everything playboy, Alex, didn’t want in a lover. At least, that’s what he thought when he bet her he could find her a hook up during their tour. Until he’s forced to watch the woman he’s come to desire leave the bar with her perfect guy, taking a piece of his already bruised and battered heart with her. Now it’s up to the Sad Fridays’ rocker to use his passionate powers of persuasion to convince Zoe he’s more than her wingman. He’s her everything. Grab Your  Copy Here: Amazon US  | Amazon UK  | Kobo | Apple | Nook  | Google Play ***5 Stars*** This book is a great addition to the series. Not only did I loved
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~**~ Blog Tour for Smart Mouth (Work For It #4) by Emma Lee Jayne w/ Excerpt & Review ~**~

Smart Mouth, an all-new opposites attract romantic comedy from Emma Lee Jayne, is now available in Kindle Unlimited!  The rockstar There are lots of assumptions people make about rockstars. Shallow. Player. Addict. The truth? I’m none of those.  The even bigger truth…the only opinion I care about is her’s and she hates me. Her as in Gwen Matthews, my twin brother’s best friend, the unrequited love of my life. She thinks I’m a liar and a jerk which is why I pretend to be my brother when she needs help one night.  Except Gwen is a genius. Literally. So it doesn’t take her long to figure out it’s me and not my brother, but maybe, just maybe, she’s willing to give me a second chance. Because maybe when she looks at me, she only sees a rockstar with her best friend’s face, but when I look at her, I see my other half. She centers me in a way that no rhythm or line of lyric ever could.  The scientist I have three priorities in life at the moment: finish my res

~**~ ARC Review: The Mrs. Degree by Sara Ney ~**~

***4 Stars*** I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised by this baby. Based on the tease we got in Player Hater, I was all kinds of geared up for some heavy drama, but while there was drama ~ hard not to have been any considering the situation ~ it wasn’t OTT in anyway, that was kinda left for another character (The OTT-ishness, not the drama) and I really enjoyed watching Jack and Penn work through their past and present to have a future together with Skipper. I loved Jack and Penn. Jack is just a good guy. There’s an openness and an honesty to him that drew me in and a vibrancy that made me laugh, and at times roll my eyes, but mostly laugh and smile. Penn is a good person with a good heart. She’s got spirit and is stronger than she realizes. She has her faults and insecurities, but as she comes to terms with them she becomes the woman she was always meant to be. As I said at the start, this one surprised me. I honestly thought there’d be more angst when the “Surprise! You’re a Dad” th

~**~ ARC Review: Kiss Hard (Hard Play #4) by Nalini Singh ~**~

***5 ‘Favorite Nemesis’ Stars*** Ever since first “meeting” Danny and Catie, or I should say, getting to witness Danny and Catie meeting for the first time in Cherish Hard, I had a feeling that one day there was a possibility they could be each other’s HEA. Then came Love Hard and before I was even half way, I knew that the final book in the series would be them, there was no way it couldn’t be…the only question was what would it take to get the staunch “Frenemies” to start to see each other as lovers? Well, I gotta give the author big props on going where she went, because I never would have guessed “that” but it definitely did the job. Now, for Danny and Catie. I adored both of them. I adored them from the first time I met them and it’s been a lot of fun to see them grow from teens into adults. They both have huge hearts, are witty, snarky and just all around good people. But it was fun, and a little heartbreaking, to go deeper with both of them. See what really makes them tick and w

~**~ ARC Review: Married to the Rockstar (Mile High Rocked #3) by Christina Hovland ~**~

***5 Stars*** OMG…I had the whole love/frustration thing going on with Knox and Irina, and I swear my eyes hurt from all the rolling they did, but the frustration ~ and hijinx of everyone involved ~ was so worth it in the end. I actually adored Knox and Irina. Knox is a serious sweetheart, he doesn’t always think he is and he can definitely be stubborn about certain aspects of his life and future, but he’s a sweetheart. Irina is determined. Once she decides on something, she is all in. This is great when it comes to her career, but it also hinders her in other ways.  Their journey to their HEA was all kinds of sweet and fun, but also frustrating as all get out. They have great chemistry, the bantering was a lot of fun and once the smexy times happen…yeah, HAWT. But OMG. Getting them to actually admit to each other that their feelings were changing and that there could be something more there was like trying to get a dog who hates the cold to go potty when it’s snowing outside. But,as I

~**~ Blog Tour for Checking You Out (Green Valley Library #10) by Ann Whynot w/ Excerpt & Review ~**~

Checking You Out, an all new second-chance small town romance from Ann Whynot, is now available in Kindle Unlimited!  Lois Washington is at the end of her rope. Struggling as a single mother in an apartment the size of a closet is not the New York City adventure she dreamed of in her starry-eyed youth. When her job goes on the chopping block, she is ready for a major life change. Joining her best friend in Tennessee to become the newest employee at the Green Valley Public Library isn't exactly where she thought life would take her, but she feels up for the challenge. Only this relocation comes with more than she bargained for. Norman Grant has had a string of online dating disasters back in Florida. Dealing with chronic pain, he's concluded that finding a woman who is understanding about his war wounds just isn't in the cards. That is, until he becomes quite taken with the single mother who's also a new arrival in Green Valley. The catch? Things are not

~**~ ARC Review: What Grows Here Dies by Anne Malcom ~**~

***5 Stars*** After reading the Klutch duet, well, after just the first book in the duet, I was all about Karson ~ sorry Jay, but it’s true ~ and I loved Stella’s girl crew and I had my toes crossed that Karson and Wren would get their own HEA because the chemistry between them was off the charts was intense even then. So, you can imagine how excited I was when this book was announced (well, after sorting through all the bookish things in my head in order to remember WHO they were) and the author did not disappoint. This baby may get intense in a brutal heart wrenching way, but it gave me all the things I was hoping for them, and few I really wished hadn’t happened to them, and had me really wishing there were more words to read because I didn’t want to say goodbye. Karson and Wren. I adored these two. Karson is morally gray, but his sense of honor is undeniable. His cold, intimidating exterior isn’t a shield, it is just who he is, but the heart beneath it burns red hot for those he ca