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~**~ ARC Review: Foreplay With the Boss (The Billionaires of Boston) by Cynthia Page ~**~

***5 ‘Guidelines’ Stars***

When I read the description of the book my interest was peaked. I mean who wouldn’t be interested in finding out just what kind of lessons one would be given in order to be more assertive in both the boardroom and the bedroom? So, I decided to trust my gut and take a chance on this one and I absolutely loved it! It was sweet, smexy, funny, low on angst and big on heart with characters that kept me turning the pages to see just what they’d be getting up to next!

My first reaction upon meeting Kat was “Oh god, she’s gonna be THAT girl” it wasn’t necessarily a bad reaction, but what she’s doing when we first meet her combined with the fact that we already know she is a bit of a mouse had me preparing for a long haul with the girl, but soon it became very apparent that there was so much more to her and any trepidation I had disappeared. I loved her wit, sass and heart and enjoyed watching as she came into her own.

Jameson is all business all of the time. His reputa…
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~**~ ARC Review: Lucas (Cold Fury Hockey #8) by Sawyer Bennett ~**~

***3.5 Stars***

After meeting Lucas in Max (one of my fav’s of the series) I knew I wanted to find out more about him and I got all kinds squee/happy dancing when it was announced Lucas was getting his own book...and let’s not even get me started about that cover *drools a little*. So I happily dove into the book and while it started off great it unfortunately didn’t stay great for me. It truly pains me to say this, but as much as I loved Lucas and liked Stephanie, their journey to their HEA just didn’t do it for me. It was sweet and holy hell smexy (but then again this IS Sawyer Bennett we are talking about and she knows how to bring the heat) but there were just things that just didn’t do it for me in the end.

Now before any pitchforks come out I did say I loved Lucas, and I did. The man is all kinds of sweet, smexy, compassionate goodness with a heart of gold. Yeah, he likes the perks of being a hockey god and I can’t fault him for that at all. But what I loved about him was that he …

~**~ ARC Review: Barking Up the Wrong Tree (Sex & Sweet Tea #3) by Juliette Poe ~**~

***4 ‘MG & Herman’ Stars***

This may be my favorite of the series (so far anyways since there are two more Mancinkus siblings to go) I loved Laken and Jake and their journey was all kinds of cute, funny, sweet sexyness and filled with heart.  

Jake and Laken were a lot of fun to get to know. Laken is all kinds of focused and yet gentle. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and take charge when the situation calls for it. She’s a little snarky, a little sassy but filled with a lot of heart. Jake is the kind of man who sees what he wants and goes for it, but doesn’t intentionally step on others toes to get it. He’s a good man who isn’t afraid to admit when he is in the wrong and wants to ensure that those he calls his own are happy and well take cared of.

Though Jake and Laken’s relationship started off extremely rocky, but things even out and I really enjoyed watching as they got to know each other and find that they have more of a connection than they thought. Their interactions were f…

~**~ ARC Review: Tripped Out (Blacktop Cowboys #8.5) by Lorelei James ~**`

***4 ‘4-20’ Stars***
Let me start off my saying that when it comes to Lorelei James’ cowboy series I am a total fangirl, even if the main characters are not cowboys or cowgirls, as long as the story takes places in one of those worlds I will ALWAYS get excited and want to get my hands on the book and Tripped Out was no different. I wanted to know what was going on with Stirling and Liam after that little glimpse of them in Strung Up and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how their relationship played out. It was a fun, smexy and quick read and I even enjoyed getting a look into the whole recreational/medicinal marijuana industry.
I really liked Stirling and Liam. Stirling was a force to be reckoned with. I enjoyed how her mind worked and how determined she could be when she put her mind to it. I loved learning about her past and how she came to be comfortable in her own skin. Liam was sweet, smexy and I loved when his geeky side came out to play. He didn’t have the easiest childho…

~**~ ARC Review: Dirty Little Secret (Forbidden Desires #1) by Kendall Ryan ~**~

***3.5 Stars***

This book has taken me on an unexpected ride and my feelings for this one are all over the place. It started off strong, I was getting invested in the story and found the characters to be quite interesting, but then I started to feel all kinds of meh about what was going on with Gavin and Emma, then it picked up again and I was getting excited about where they were going only to come to that ending, which is a cliffy as this is a duet, and I’m back to feeling a little meh but I want to know how everything turns out for them.

As you can see I’m really digging deep into my Libra nature when it comes to how I feel about this book, but the bottom line is that while I liked Dirty Little Secret, I didn’t fall in love with it or the characters. I liked them, and the part of me that loves to observe people finds them interesting, but I didn’t fully connect with either Gavin or Emma, at least in this part of their story. I am hoping that the next installment will change my mind …