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~**~ ARC Review: Thieves 2 Lovers (2 Lovers #3) by K Webster & JD Hollyfield ~**~

***4 ‘Thieves to One Another’s Hearts’ Stars***

Talk about being on an emotional roller coaster. I swear one second I was laughing over what the characters were getting up to and then the next I wanted reach out and shake some sense into them. Then there was that whole teary/sniffly thing that happened. The feels were everywhere and even at my most frustrated with them characters I couldn’t put the book down. I devoured it and absolutely loved the ending!

I adored Linc. Absolutely ADORED the man. Yes, he fucks up a lot, but as one character points out he is a “kind hearted fuck up”. He may make horrible choices and not see what the consequences of his choices will bring, but his heart is absolutely golden when it comes to those he calls his own.

Reagan. I swear this girl. I went into this book loving Reagan, but lemme tell you she gave me a run for my money in the first half of the book and I almost had to call it a day because I just couldn’t deal with some of her choices. But as the b…

~**~ ARC Review: Under Fire (Love Over Duty #1) by Scarlett Cole ~**~

***5 ‘I Got Your Six’ Stars***
When an author I already fangirl over announces that a new series will be coming out I get all kinds of giddy and excited, as well anxious over if I will love it as much as the ones already out there. I always tell myself to trust the author, but one never knows. But in this case I had no need to worry, because Under Fire was a great read and start to this new series. It has a balanced mix of action, suspense and romance with humor, heart and heat that kept me turning the pages and making me want the next in the series right now.
I absolutely adored Louisa. In fact I’m pretty much girl crushing on her. She’s an enigma. In certain situations she is assertive, determined and quite a force to be reckoned with. In others she’s uncertain, shy and awkward. That in and of itself was a huge draw, but the biggest pull was her mind and how it worked. It was fascinating to see how she worked through everything thrown at her and how despite all the crazy going on arou…

~**~ ARC Review: Devil by Ker Dukey ~**~

***5 ‘Crazy Colors’ Stars***

Hello mind fuck.

I honestly didn’t know which way was up half the time and I was absolutely captivated by it all. If you want to go down a rabbit hole, here’s your opportunity. It was dark (I know, duh it is a Ker Dukey book, but not everyone heeds the warning) and messed with my head more often than not but I couldn’t put it down and I found Evi, and Max, absolutely fascinating.

Evi absolutely fascinated me. Being in her head, seeing the world through her eyes was truly an experience. Calling her past hellish is an understatement but as all of the events unfolded two mythological creatures kept popping into my head in association with her: The chimera and the phoenix. One is easier to explain than the other, but when you read the book you’ll understand. And then there is Max. If you are in Dukey’s darKER souls FB group you will know how she feels about Max and I wholeheartedly agree. He is everything and in order to find out why, you will have to read the …

~**~ ARC Review: A Little Bit Like Love (South Haven #1) by Brooke Blaine ~**~

***5 ‘Fall For Me’ Stars***

Give me a moment to get my heart to stop being all swoony and twitterpated so I can get a semi coherent, not so verbal vomit-y review.

Okay. Done. (kind of) Now….

Honestly, I still have a dopey smile on face from this book. It had everything I could have asked for in a second chance romance and more. It was the perfect blend of sweet, swoony and smexy with humor, heart and just enough drama tossed in to keep everyone on their toes. I wanted to devour this book, but instead I savored the words and kept tapping my Kindle screen hoping there would be more even though I knew there wouldn’t be any.

Lucas and Jackson. I adored these two. Jackson a tinsy bit more than Lucas in the beginning, but by the end they both were simply it for me. They have both been existing, not living, since they last saw each other and the walls they’ve erected around themselves are made with titanium. Jackson has fallen in line with what his father wants, and though he has travelled the w…

~**~ ARC Review: Well Built (Book Boyfriend #3) by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde ~**~

***4 ‘Figure It Out’ Stars***

And we have another winner in the Book Boyfriend series (though Max and Hailey from Faking It are still my favorite couple :D )! This second chance at love story is filled with humor, heart, heat that will keep you turning the pages and wanting more.

I fell in love with Kyle before the first chapter was over. What he does and the reason why he does what he does made my heart go all kinds of swoony and twitterpated. He’s got a laid back vibe and a good heart and when the Alpha side of him comes out to play all bets are off.

Ella I really liked. She’s compassionate, kind and I had to admire how she took responsibility for her family when things went to h@ll in a handbasket. But that responsibility weighs her down and while I totally understood why she did the things she did, I wanted to reach out and shake some sense into her so she could have a life of her own.

Kyle and Ella’s second chance at love journey was a fun one. The angst was low, which I really liked…