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Welcome to A Wine Lovers Book Blog/Books n Wine!

UPDATE: 11/9/17

After a bit of waffling (I'm a Libra ~ I waffle A LOT), and a lovely little visual upgrade done by my girl Hope over at Word Gurgle, I've decided to make this site the primary one for the blog and the tumblr site my secondary. The change will be gradual, so you'll be seeing more cover reveals and blog tour type posts along with the reviews and by the end of the year everything to do with crazy that is book blogging/reviewing will be here.  

I'll admit that I probably should have done this sooner, especially after realizing how much more I am able to do when it comes to posts and tracking views and all that, but I am a creature of habit and it didn't click until now. 

That's it for now, though I've got a little something in the works for the new year and will announce it once everything is finalized

~ Kahea

As you can see I am another book blogger pushing out my opinions on my chosen literary genres to the masses and I am thrilled that you've stopped by, even if it's only this one time. But I would love if you stayed a bit and checked out what I have going on here.

What is that you ask?

Well, I had many ideas on what I wanted to accomplish with this blog. At first I was going to use it as a secondary/back up site for my main blog Books n Wine over on tumblr because one never knows when the shit will hit the fan in this crazy world. But, as I thought it over I realized how much work that would be, and for those of you with your own blogs you are well aware of the time it takes to put a simple post together, so I am going to keep this one strictly for my reviews. Should that review be apart of a blog tour I will note that on the post with a link to it over on Books n Wine with whatever else is apart of the tour like excerpts or giveaways. 

If you want to just jump directly to Books n Wine the "Books n Wine on Tumblr." tab at the top of the page will link you right up!

As for the reviews: You will see titles that start with either  ARC/Book review or Short & Sweet. The former will be the full meal deal with purchase links and author information and will more than likely be books that I received for a book tour or from the publisher/author to read and review voluntarily. Short & Sweet will only have their Goodreads link and be those books that I've bought and finally found the time to read in between the others which tend to take up all of my reading time. 

I will also be tinkering around with this one and all the fun gadgets and layouts there are out there from time to time, so one day it may be purple the next it may have dragons running around in the background ~ you'll just have to check back and see what's going on.

This may change and I may decide to make this my primary blog site, but until then it shall be my fun little side piece.

Thanks for stopping by and checking things out!



  1. Hello! First, I LOVE your blogsite - so pretty! I am an author and just released my first major romance novel, and I am looking for reviews on different platforms. Please contact me if that is something you would consider. Thank you for your time!


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