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~**~ ARC Review: Three Blind Dates by Meghan Quinn ~**~

***5 ‘Your Heart is Never Blind’ Stars***
Three Blind Dates was such a fun and addicting ride! I couldn’t, and didn’t, put it down until there were no words left to read. It brought out all the feels along with lots of laughter and a good dose of smexyness as I followed Noely in her journey to find the one that made her heart soar.

I adored Noely. There were times where I had to question her judgement and sanity, but outside of those moments she was open, honest, funny and had a quirky and just snarky enough wit that had me grinning from ear to ear. But what made her so likable was how comfortable she was in her own skin and stood her ground when it came to what she felt she deserved.

Now for #TheRebel, #TheSuit and #TheJock. I honestly loved all of them. I know that it appears to be a cop out, but I really did like each of them. Going in the jock had a bit of an advantage because I had already met him in Back in the Game (Team Player Anthology) but by the end of the book, they’d all …

~**~ ARC Review: Wicked Choice (The Wicked Horse Vegas #4) by Sawyer Bennett ~**~

***5 Stars***
When I read the blurb for Wicked Choice I was all “Huh...okay...I definitely need to see what Ms. Bennett will do with this situation” and she did not disappoint. I devoured all the words because I couldn’t put the Kindle down (even though I was supposed to be doing the #workthing), it was all kinds of hot, smexy nummyness (not a surprise) but Rachel and Bodie and their journey was addicting on every level and I didn’t want the book to end.

Bodie was all kinds nummy goodness. He’s got that good ‘ole boy charm, loves his mama and, for the most part, is pretty chill...and then the alpha comes out and dear lord can he go from chill to alpha AF in less than a heartbeat. True, he is a mercenary, but still. The two sides to his personality make him absolutely lethal. Rachel is simply badass. When she is focused on a goal, she’s all in. Her intelligence is off the chart, she doesn’t mince words, and though she comes off tough, there is a warmth and softness underneath it all th…

~**~ ARC Review: Nikan Rebuilt (Preload #3) by Scarlett Cole ~**~

***5 ‘Demovation’ Stars***
I was all kinds of excited to get my hands on this book and I knew that once I started it there was a huge chance that I wouldn’t be able to put it down. So, I waited for the perfect time to start it, which of course never came because life always gets in the way, and finally decided to just ‘do it’ and about 2 - 2.5 hrs later I was done. I DEVOURED this baby. I knew I had things to do (#workthingsbutshhhhdonttell), but I became so invested in Nikan, Jenny and their journey that I just couldn’t make myself put the Kindle to the side and wait. Their story was everything I didn’t know I wanted out of a second chance romance and loved how everything played out and came together for the characters.

I adored Nikan and Jenny. Both have been through hell and back, and though they may have stumbled more times than they’d like to admit, they have come out of it stronger than they could ever believe possible. They both have huge, though bruised hearts and I loved how …

~**~ ARC Review: Grigori (Brothers of Ash & Fire #1) by Lauren Smith ~**~

*** 4 ‘Not All Gems Are Stones’ Stars***
I’ve had Grigori sitting in my TBR pile for a lot longer than I had planned on, but life got in the way and tough decisions had to be made. Now that life has settled a bit I decided it was time to dive in and as I went through the motions I stumbled upon the author’s “review” on GR and had to laugh at the words she put down, which only had me more intrigued with the book and I found and I really enjoyed it. It was a quick, fun, smexy read that was low on angst, but had enough outside drama going on to keep things interesting enough for me to keep turning the pages until the very end.

Grigori is a thousands of years old dragon shifter who is happier sitting in his library reading a book than heading out into the hustle and bustle of Moscow. What surprised me the most about Grigori, which stems from reading quite a few shifter PNR, was while he had the alpha thing going on, it never took on an overtly aggressive vibe. He was commanding, but calm …

~**~ ARC Review: The Billionaire’s Intern (Billionaire Fairy Tales #3) by Jackie Ashenden ~**~

***3.5 ‘#TeamKira’ Stars***
I’m in something of a conundrum over this one. It’s been a day or so since I finished it and I’m still waffling over the rating and what words to put down to convey how I felt/feel about the book as a whole. It’s honestly quite distressing. But I’m going to give a go and see what comes of it, even if it turns into something more akin to verbal vomit rather than something coherent.

Kira, I adored. She hasn’t had an easy life, but she has also made certain choices that have ended in tragedy, but the woman who has come out of all of that has accepted her role and wants to be more. She wants to be someone who brings change and understanding instead of chaos. Lorenzo is, as far as the world is concerned, stone cold. He is curt, cold, intimidating and calculating...all of which he isn’t ashamed to admit to. But underneath the ice, he’s living with so much guilt it’s suffocating and though he cares about more than he’d ever admit to, his fear of letting any of tha…

~**~ ARC Review: Wicked Bite (Realm Enforcers #5) by Rebecca Zanetti ~**~

***3 Stars***
It pains me to say this, it really does, because I’ve enjoyed every other book in this series and was all kinds of excited to get my hands on more of Bear, but this one just didn’t do it for me. I wanted it to, badly, and there were a few bright spots throughout which stopped me from DNF’ing the book outright, but when you start skimming (skipping) pages then you know it’s not a good sign.

While I didn’t fall in love with either Bear or Nessa, I did like them separately, but together they just didn’t really do it for me. The chemistry wasn’t there for me. Yes, the smexy was smexy but the constant head butting and need to physically prove dominance got old especially when both are supposed to be quite intelligent and could have found another way to prove a point. But, it is what it is.

As for the Apollo storyline. The whole Bear distributing Apollo storyline was dragged out too long for me and then resolved too quickly. I know I sound like that person who finally gets wha…

~**~ Pre-Order Blast for Nikan Rebuilt (Preload #3) by Scarlett Cole w/ Excerpt & Giveaway ~**~

Pre-order NIKAN REBUILT by Scarlett Cole, book three in the Preload series, today!
“Another amazing series! Scarlett Cole just writes some AMAZING characters, that are raw, real but still fictional enough that they could be your next book boyfriend or real enough that it’s someone you know…I can’t wait for more of the Preload boys.” —TBR Book Blog

NIKAN REBUILT releases next week and we can’t wait for you to read this super-sexy rockstar romance! Pre-order today so you don’t miss this second-chance romance. Plus enter to win a Kindle Fire from Scarlett Cole!

From the queen of heart-pounding, sexy, emotional romance Scarlett Cole comes Nikan Rebuilt, the next novel in the Preload series.

Does the past ever really stay in the past?
Nikan can never be complete. He's got a rock group made up of the family he built for himself, more money than he knows what to do with, and a stream of groupies falling over themselves to date him. But none of them are her. The one regret that still plag…

~**~ Blog Tour for TRUE by Ella Frank w/ Excerpt ~**~

TRUE, the final book in The Temptation Series by Ella Frank and the highly anticipated wedding between Logan Mitchell and Tate Morrison is available now!
Synopsis:True - adjective: That which is accurate or exact. I dare you to try. I think you’re my truth. Terrify me. Marry me. Marry me. Marry me... Four years ago, Logan Mitchell walked into Tate’s life and challenged him to see it differently. He dared Tate to try a kiss, when normally he wouldn’t have. He begged him to take a chance, when he probably shouldn’t have. But most importantly, he asked Tate to trust that he would love him, and he did. From that moment on, Tate realized exactly what his life had been missing—Logan. Happily-ever-afters come in many different forms. But for Tate Morrison, there’s only one ending he wants. The one where the guy marries the guy and true love conquers all. Now all he has to do is tell Logan. Join Logan and Tate as they finally realize what the rest of us knew all along. That they belong together for better…