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~**~ ARC Review: When With Rome (Perfect Gentlemen #1) by Natalie Gayle ~**~

***4.5 ‘Possibility & Opportunity’ Stars***

You know how I tend to say in many of my romance reviews that it was a ‘journey’? (and to be honest it is an apt description for the mass majority of them) Well, When With Rome really is a journey on a romantic level as well as a life level when it comes to Rome and Carlene. The sweet is swoon worthy, the smexy is HAWT, but it was the light bulb moments that Rome and Carlene experience that kept me turning the pages to see how their HEA came to be.

I really liked Rome. He was sweet, compassionate, smexy as all get out and simply a good man. He may have a job that is outside of the norm, but he has a unique code of honor when it comes to it and there is a sincerity that shines through in everything he does.

Carlene is a tough woman. Her life hasn’t been easy, but she’s survived it and now that her world has been turned upside she is in a weird sort of limbo that she hasn’t been able to shake. I really liked Carlene. She’s a straight shooter and, despite what she may think, adventurous and I loved watching as she evolved throughout the book and who she became in the end.

I’ve written and deleted this part many times, so I’m going to go with this: I really enjoyed how their journey (I know, I need a new word) started and evolved because while Carlene’s evolution was the main focus, Rome evolved as well. They both ended up being exactly what the other never knew they wanted or needed. And while there will be detractors that will bring up why they were even together, which is definitely a factor, it was just the catalyst, and a much needed one in so many ways. The big bump in the road wasn’t so surprising and yet I couldn’t help but be Team Rome in that instant, even though I absolutely understood where Carlene was coming from, but I loved how everything worked out for them in the end.

This was a fun and insightful read, not something I typically would say, but it was. There were a lot of little things that held my interest and it was an easy story to slip into and get lost in. We don’t get to meet a lot of characters in this one, but the ones we did spend a decent amount of time with I really liked: Roxie, Chelsea and Jackson were awesome and I’m crossing my toes that we get to see them again in future books. There was no indication of who the next book will be about, but I’ll definitely be keeping a lookout for it!

~ Received from the author & voluntarily reviewed ~

Life begins at forty. Or so the saying goes.

I don't believe this for a minute. In fact, my life feels exactly the opposite at forty. My husband of twenty years is dead and my twins are grown up and off at college. For the first time in my adult life, I'm alone, bored and without purpose.

Until I meet Rome.

Fast forward two weeks and I've changed my mind.

Rome is like no man I've ever known, let alone spent time with.

Not only is he worldly, he's handsome, sweet, and an amazing conversationalist-the perfect gentleman. But that's not all. He's done wicked things to me I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams and made me feel passion I never believed possible.

Two weeks with Rome and my eyes are wide open to so many possibilities.

He's changed my life.

But here's the thing…

You see, Rome is an escort and well...

Love and relationships aren't an option in his world. They're a commodity for sale…

Maybe, life really does begin at forty?

Release Date: April 23rd, 2018

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