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~**~ ARC Review: Bound by Wreckage (Ravage MC Bound #6) by Ryan Michele ~**~

***5 ‘Butterfly’ Stars***

After the way Bound by Destiny ended I was in a 50/50 split on NEEDING the next book in the series and being absolutely anxiety ridden about it because that ending was just a full on gut buster. I mean I read that last part at least three times because I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t, but it’s all there in black and white.

So, when Bound by Wreckage dropped on the Kindle I was all kinds of excited, but didn’t dive right on in. I took a minute to prepare myself and even then it was a total emotional gut punch.

The FEELS were all kinds of real and had me reeling in more ways than one. I swooned, I cheered, I wanted to gut people with a spoon, I cringed, the panties were all kinds of melted and I fell further into adoration with the entire Ravage MC family. I put this book down once because I needed to, but outside of a mini break, I devoured it in no time flat and still need more.

Nox has always been, up until now, Cooper’s younger brother or Austyn’s twin, but here he definitely slides out from under those labels and shows that though those labels do fit, he is most definitely his own man. He was sweet, charming, compassionate as well as highly intelligent and observant.

Carsyn is a survivor. What she endured would have shattered most people ~ male or female ~ and though there are parts of her that were broken, she never broke. She fought and existed. My heart hurt for her, but I loved watching as she pulled herself up and put herself back together in order to move forward.

As for Nox and Carsyn’s journey. It most definitely falls under the following your gut.kinda insta but not really type of romance and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It fit them and all that they were dealing with as they collided and found that there was a connection between them. It was all kinds of sweet and swoon worthy and the smexy was perfect for them and all that was going on. The angst between them was relatively low, (and thank goodness for that because the chaos swirling around them was intense) but the emotions were heavy and I loved where they were at in the end.

Now, while I loved Nox and Carsyn, a good part of my love of this series are the various and unique members of the Ravage MC family. Quite a bit of my excitement when it comes to diving into these book is getting to spend time with them and this definitely packed a huge punch. If you’ve read Bound by Destiny you KNOW how emotional the ending was and that feeling definitely carried over and tears happened, but that was tempered by laughter and moments that brought tears to the eyes, but in a good way. (And Princess is still the ultimate badass ~ total #girlcrush). And as far as what happens at the end of this one...there is never a dull moment when it comes to the Ravage MC.

~ Copy provided by the author & voluntarily reviewed ~

Lennox “Nox” Cruz can’t turn his back. No matter the collateral damage, he can’t walk away. He simply isn’t that kind of man.

Carsyn Devero is in too deep. The skeletons in her closet come out daily to remind her of the past she can’t escape.

A chance encounter brings a boy who is now a man back into her world. As much as she knows she needs to walk away, Nox won’t let her.

She’s stuck and doesn’t want to drag him down into her storm. He’s relentless and refuses to let her fall.

They’re bound by the wreckage, only holding onto hope no one else will go down with them. With Ravage MC at his back, will they find their way out to a future together?

Release Date: July 17th, 2018

Ryan Michele found her passion in making fictional characters come to life. She loves being in an imaginative world where anything is possible and has a knack for special twists readers don’t see coming.

She writes MC, Contemporary, Erotic, Paranormal, New Adult, Inspirational, and many more romances. And whether it’s bikers, wolf shifters, mafia, or beyond, Ryan spends her time making sure her heroes are strong and her heroines match them at every turn.

When she isn’t writing, Ryan is a mom and wife living in rural Illinois and reading by her pond in the warm sun.